Rapid Increase in Start up Businesses across Dorset

Across Dorset last year, around 8000 companies were set up – a 23% rise from 2014; with only 3729 companies ceasing trade. This huge increase and only a 3.4% decrease in companies closed down has put Dorset 18th in the National Rankings – up from 20th.

The majority of companies were formed in Poole; with support of Bournemouth and Poole College and the universities, as well as a lot of well qualified young people, over 1000 companies were created.

There were only two parts of the county where company registrations were down, Christchurch (down 28 to 329) and East Dorset (down 110 to 529).

Start-up survival rates remain low, and it is really important that businesses ensure to take advice, especially in the initial few years. Businesses that take advice and support double their chances of survival in early years.

Source: dorsetbusiness.co.uk

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