Quarter of UK Workers Suffer from Uninspiring Managers

A quarter of UK employees are feeling the effects of uninspiring leaders in the workplace, according to research.

Research showed that 26% of workers don’t feel motivated by their managers, while 24% don’t feel appreciated for their hard work.

The study of 3,500 employees, which looked at links between staff management and business performance, painted a negative picture of UK bosses. 30% of employees said they don’t trust their boss, which is not surprising when 20% of managers said they don’t believe in the importance of training their staff.

The research identified a £39 billion cost of poor management to UK businesses every year.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the issue of poor management is more pressing in larger businesses of more than 1,000 employees, where a third of respondents said they don’t feel motivated by their managers. However, small businesses only fared slightly better in the research, with 29% of staff feeling unmotivated.

Many employees are feeling frustrated in their roles due to poor management. Strong and inspiring leaders are critical in business in order to get the best from staff. These findings should be a wake-up call to leaders.

Source: ri5.co.uk

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