Nurturing the Next Generation

Over the next 8 years, the UK will invest £26billion in infrastructure to ensure that people can be connected to the energy they need. This investment is equally as important as investing in employees because the future of the business will depend on the quality of the employees.

There are so many young people who have the experience and skills required, yet are still unemployed – with the UK having the fastest growing rate of youth unemployment within all of the G8 countries.

By 2017, 58% of new jobs will require skills within science, technology, engineering and mathematics, yet only 10% of A-Level students study one of the key subjects for engineering – physics. Therefore it appears that young people are being educated out of jobs or increasing their chances of being unemployed.

To reduce this number and the risk of youth unemployment growing, employers need to look at existing skills and experience rather than solely focusing on education to avoid missing out on talented candidates, also more education on what courses and subjects need to be taken for particular jobs need to be provided.

Source: IOD

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