My first month in recruitment

my first month in recruitment

Yes, I’m the new girl in the office at Dovetail Recruitment and as Recruitment is a whole new world to me, I thought I’d share my learning curve with you. Perhaps it’s something you’ve considered doing yourself or stepping into after having clocked up some client-side experience, so here’s my first month in recruitment.

Before I got my first job, the world of work, to be honest, was a bit of a mystery, as it is for most people.
The reality is you don’t know what’s really involved in any job until you start actually doing it!

So, I can’t believe I’ve already completed my very first month in the world of Recruitment, and it’s definitely been a busy one! I can now understand why recruitment is labelled as such a ‘rollercoaster’ as it has certainly had its ups and downs! And it feels pretty nonstop, the day goes incredibly quickly as there’s just so much to do – it’s fast paced for sure!

Speaking of ups and downs, I have definitely thrived off of the positives, after only being here 2 ½  weeks I was able to make my first placement – which I was truly delighted with and I’ve been told is unusual for a newbie :0) – so hopefully it’s a natural talent ! I had never expected it to be such a gratifying feeling when you make that first placement, but it has now really pushed me to want to carry on succeeding!
I love the fact that in recruitment you have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives – finding the right role for someone and getting it right. Not to be overdramatic, but it’s a great feeling when it works out and I want to do all I can to find the right people for the right jobs.

I am prepared to learn a lot more as my colleagues say they are still learning more and more every day and that is after years of experience!

One thing I love is that I get to meet and talk to all different types of people every day – this is what makes it really interesting and different.  In old job was doing life insurance which was a completely different environment but wouldn’t look back!

So, here’s to the next month… and the next…. and the next.. and many more to come hopefully!

Watch this space!

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