Multiple Job Offers: How to choose?

how to decide between multiple job offers

As we approach 2019, I think we could say that 2018 has been the year of the candidate. In an uncertain job climate, that is set against the backdrop of the never-ending Brexit saga, uncertainty in UK economics, politics and pretty much everything in the UK at the moment it feels – is this likely to change?

Historically, employers would whittle down to 3 or so candidates to interview, and then get down to 1 for the job offer.

Today, employers are having to get used to not having lots of perfect candidates at their fingertips – with the right experience, right qualifications, right personality – you get the gist.

Job descriptions have become more fluid for the forward-thinking companies anyway – there needs to be some movement as perfectly skilled candidates are hard to find.

This shortage of candidates effectively means the top calibre skilled, professional candidates get multiple job offers. We recently discovered that one of our candidates had five job offers on the table. Yes – five. This is what you call a candidate’s market. So what do you do when faced with more than one job offer?

If presented with two more job offers, how do you go about deciding which one to go for? You don’t have a crystal ball – so how do you work out which is best for you? If you find yourself in this enviable position, here are some key factors you should definitely be considering.

  1. Timing – Is the right opportunity for you now, do you need to travel, can you commit to the workload and demands of the role.
  2. Prospects – Are there progression opportunities?
  3. Training – Do they offer training and development for you to grow
  4. Travel – Cost and time
  5. Salary – Speaks for itself
  6. Perks – General benefits, healthcare, pension plan, bonus, Share options, Car
  7. Team Fit – Can you see yourself there and happy?
  8. Gut instinct – There’s a lot be said for your instinct and what feels right – listen to yours.

When reviewing the pros and cons, it’s always good to look ahead and think about the future.
Have you got a longer-term plan, what would your next move be after this job, try to think ahead to see where it could take you. You’ve got to seriously work out what your ideal job is– is this it or on the way to it?

Looking at the much bigger picture, and the changing job landscape, it would be diligent to consider if there a long enough future in the role or the sector you’re working in. Do you need to diversify?

Are there opportunities within this company, sister companies, or perhaps even abroad? Can we see this changing next year?


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