Massive Increase in Permanent Placements in February

Results from the latest REC Report has shown a significant increase in permanent placements during February along with a strong increase in many areas; the results are similar for all areas of the UK.

  • Permanent Placements Increase At Strongest Rate in Almost Four Years
    It has also been shown that the increase has been the fastest as well as the strongest; however, the placement of temporary staff was at its slowest for three months. Furthermore, the pace of contraction accelerated sharply to the fastest since November 2000, and was quicker than the overall decline seen across the UK.
  • A Continued Demand for Staff
    February has shown a further increase in vacancies even after January’s fifteen and a half year high.
  • Sharpest Rise in Permanent Salaries since October 2007
    The growth of permanent salaries has further increased; reaching its highest rate for over six years. Pay for temporary staff has also been increased at its fastest rate since July 2013.
  • Availability of Candidates Falls At Sharper Rate
    The availability of staff was reported to have declined again in February. In particular, the supply of permanent candidates fell at the sharpest rate since November 2004.
  • Regional and Sector Variation
    The growth of permanent placements was strongest in the North of England, whereas London was the slowest; although the increase was still significant.

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