Looking for a New Job Checklist

Looking for a new job checklist

If you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a new job, we’ve gathered a ‘Looking for a new job checklist’ for you to work through before you start the ball rolling. We don’t want you to forget anything or get caught out by being unprepared – here are some pointers to getting you your perfect fit job!

1. Update your CV

  • Make sure it includes your best-selling points
  • Do you need to create tailored versions of your CV with a different emphasis?
  • If you have a portfolio or website – update this too with latest examples of work or case-studies

2. Review and update your LinkedIn profile

  • Ask for some recommendations, references from past colleagues if you haven’t already.

3. Check your digital footprint as best you can

  • Review all of your social media accounts and activity
  • Consider what you would like a prospective employer to see or NOT see.
  • Edit and delete accordingly

4. Is your voicemail professional?

5. Is your email address professional?

6. Start your Job Search

  • Think carefully about what you want from your next job

7. Research Companies

8. Research Recruitment Agencies

9. Networking opportunities

  • Research any online and offline networking events, are there any local events coming up?

10. Subscribe to company emails you’re interested in

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11. Follow these companies on social media accounts

12. Set Google alerts
For industry news and company updates

13. Read up
Make sure you up-to-date with the latest industry news, part of your prep for future interviews

14. Check your wardrobe – Do you have an interview outfit ready?

16. Set time aside, daily if you can

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