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Leadership Skills – Highlights from BBC’s CEO Secrets series

The BBC has been running a series of interviews to find out what makes prominent chief executives tick. Is there a secret to their success? Listen to their stories to get their top tips on leadership skills!

We’ve hand-picked the business leaders we think you’ll find most interesting:


Cadburys: When Mondelez took over Cadbury’s it had to make mass redundancies, but how do you do that without ruining your reputation?
Watch Cadbury’s CEO video interview

GiffGaff: Be as close to your customers as the local butcher or pub landlord, says Mike Fairman of telecoms firm Giffgaff.
Watch GiffGaff’s CEO video interview

ITC: ‘Don’t be afraid to ask for help’, says Jen Atkinson, the CEO of luxury travel company ITC
Watch ITC’s CEO video interview


Mansfield Town FC: “You can run a football club and still wear a dress,” says Carolyn Radford, the CEO of Mansfield Town FC.
Watch Mansfield Town CEO video interview



IMAX: Richard Gelfond says firms shouldn’t try and change the world with new technology, but make it fit the market.
Watch IMAX CEO video interview

Which?: Peter Vicary-Smith, the chief executive of consumer group Which?, says it is important to start your business career at a good company, and be willing to learn.
Watch Which? CEO’s video interview


Aqua Riva: Former comedy actress Cleo Rocos fell in love with tequila on holiday in Mexico and started her own brand, Aqua Riva.
Watch Aqua Riva’s CEO video interview


Seraphine: CEO Cecile Renaud’s biggest problem was learning how to hire the right people as her business grew.
Watch Seraphine’s CEO video interview

Jonathan Duck: Business Advisor turned business owner found there was one big difference between the running a business in theory in running one in practice
Watch Business Advisor’s video interview


The Register – CEO, if we soften up our readers will go.
Watch The Register’s CEO video interview

Equitable Life – CEO talks about after the crash
Watch Equitable Life’s CEO  video interview

AI Boss – Make your business a smart thinking machine
Watch AI start up CEO’s video interview


Harry’s: The razor industry has been shaken up by the emergence in recent years of a series of start-ups selling online shaving subscriptions. Harry’s co-founder Andy Kurtz-Mayfield spoke to CEOSecrets about a tip he has for making the most of his working day.
Watch Harry’s video interview


ICoolKid: Tips from a 12-year-old CEO: Jenk Oz is the CEO of iCoolKid, a lifestyle website for children aged between eight and 15. His business advice includes forming an “ideas board of directors”.
Watch ICoolKid video interview


Royal Opera House: Alex Beard is the chief executive of London’s Royal Opera House. He told #CEOsecrets he thinks he has the best job in the world and that the key to doing it well is to make sure that the people who work for him are at the centre of everything.
Watch Royal Opera House video interview


Pollen and Grace: Would you go into business with your bestie? Best friends Stephanie Johnson and Kristina Komlosiova are joint CEOs of their catering company- how do they make it work!?
Watch Pollen and Grace CEO video interview


Cath Kidston: ‘You can’t do everything’: Designer and entrepreneur Cath Kidston says don’t expect to be able to do everything in business.
Watch Cath Kidston CEO video interview


WorldRemit: CEO Ismail Ahmed, who fled his homeland to study in London, talks about turning challenges into opportunities.
Watch BBC’s WorldRemit CEO video interview


Gator Watch: Colleen Wong, former investment banker turned full-time mum turned tech start-up boss and creator of the “Gator Watch”, says “Make everyone your cheerleader”.
Watch BBC’s Colleen Wong’s video


Reed Group: James Reed, CEO of recruitment company Reed Group, explains how bees have taught him about business.
Watch BBC’s James Reed’s video

Divine Chocolate: Sophi Tranchell, CEO of Divine Chocolate, says don’t be afraid to ask questions – watch her video interview.
Watch BBC’s Sophi Tranchell’s Video


Yogscast: The boss of Yogscast, which has 23 million subscribers, reveals his secrets for success on YouTube.
Watch BBC’s Simon Lane Video

Magnum Photos: David Kogan, CEO of iconic photographic agency Magnum Photos, explains why it’s vital to learn from the younger generation in a business where being on the cusp of new technology is key.
Watch BBC’s David Kogan Video


Liz Earle Wellbeing: Liz Earle, CEO of Liz Earle Wellbeing, shares the business advice she wishes she had been given when she started out.
Watch BBC’s Liz Earle Video

Jungle Creations: Jamie Bolding is founder of Jungle Creations, the social media company behind strands including Viral Thread and Twisted Food. He shares the business advice he wishes he had had when he started out for our CEO Secrets series, from his company’s new offices in east London.
Watch BBC’s Jamie Bolding Video


Auticon: Kurt Schoeffer, head of IT company Auticon, explains why he actively seeks to employ people with autism.
Watch BBC’s Kurt Schoeffer Video

BBC CEO’s Secrets

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