Lazy Brits Costing Businesses £9bn a Year by Turning up Late for Work

Employees in Britain are no longer bothered about turning up for work on time and only begin to worry if they are more than twenty minutes behind schedule.

New research has revealed that being punctual is no longer a concern, with nearly four in 10 (37%) running late at least once a week. And when employees do turn up, they usually lie about the reasons for the delay – blaming non-existent traffic problems or train delays. Children and pets are also used as excuses, with only 7% taking personal responsibility for running late.

The definition of ‘late’ seems to be changing due to us all becoming busier than ever, with technology allowing us to pack more into our days. The ability to get in touch with people instantly to explain reasons for being late – whether the excuse is genuine or note – also adds to the more relaxed attitudes to being late and living things later.

Not surprisingly, we are four times more likely to be late for work or a work even than we would be for a romantic date – and this poor time keeping is reported to be costing businesses up to £9 billion per year.



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