Lack of Career Progression Making Employees Consider New Opportunities

New research published by Penna on 31st March 2016 has shown that almost two-thirds of employees say a lack of career progression would be enough to make them start looking for a new job.

A third of people have said their company does not provide people management training for their managers and due to this their managers are unable to have career progression conversations with their employees. 36% of managers have admitted to being unaware of what their employees’ career goals are over the year.

Employees involved in the survey gave a mark of 5 out of 10 to their employers when asked how happy they are with the level of career development they are receiving. Only a small number of managers have said they are comfortable with discussing topics such as salary, delayed promotions and aspirations compared to current performance.

The survey also found that career discussions were seldom tracked or made into succession plans, with almost a third of managers saying they do not have a formal way of tracking or recording long-term career goals for employees.

Bev White, managing director of Penna Career Services, said: “It is a waste of time having career conversations if nothing is going to be done with the information gleaned from them. The whole point of career conversations is to ensure employees can fulfil their career aspirations within the company, aiding engagement, productivity and retention.

“If businesses are leaving this to chance by not training their managers on how to hold effective career conversations or recording data when they do, they’re potentially opening Pandora’s box, setting expectations with employees that can’t be met and are gambling with their greatest asset – their employees.”


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