How to Keep your Boss Happy

keep your boss happy

It’s easy to slip into bad habits at work, especially if you’ve been in your role for a long time. So with our fresh heads on for January, we’re taking a positive approach to all things and gathered some top tips for you on how to keep your boss happy!

Some of them are basic rules that we can forget sometimes, so here’s a recap!

1. Time-keeping
Get to work a few minutes early, especially when you’re new to the job.

2. Courtesy
When someone helps you out or teaches you something new, thank them sincerely. Try and repay the favour when you can

3. Campaign planning.
Sketch out your ideas and plan for a project, share it with your boss and get their feedback. Plan your timelines, goals and projected results – and get their feedback before going ahead.

4. Email Confirmations
So much is done on email today, but when we do actually have a chat or informal meeting :0) it’s good etiquette to send a follow-up email confirming what was said and any actions agreed. This is good for you and for your colleague…

Take the extra second to use “please,” “thank you” and other pleasantries in your messages — it makes a big difference.

5. Hold back
Wait until you have credibility with your new teammates to suggest improvements, and when you do make recommendations, make them in a positive, “Maybe we could try this!” way rather than by comparing your new shop unfavourably to your old one.

6. Offer to help
If someone is stuck, even if your subject matter expertise is low. Just say so. Sometimes people need moral support more than anything else.

7. Get prepared for work the day before.
At the end of your day, take a moment and plan the following day’s priorities. Whenever you can back out of your “to-do list” mindset and take a broader view of your role, you’ll make important observations.
At home, get enough sleep! Plan what you’re wearing the night before and have your bag and lunch prepared too if needed! This will save you time in the morning, and ensure you get to work promptly.

8. Pass positive feedback on to your boss.
If you start to get a lot of it, maybe ask if they still want to see it…you might think you’re annoying them, but many bosses will delight in the fact that they were right to employ you originally. It will make them look good to their bosses too!

9. Talk to Everyone
It’s important to build connections with everyone across the organisation. Introduce yourself to everyone,  and be courteous, including the receptionist, across departments – as your job grows you’ll need a network to call on and help you out.  Make sure you talk to your boss’s boss – tell them what your job entails and let them know you’re pleased to have joined the company. Be approachable.

10. Be Tidy
Keep your work area organised and tidy – easier said than done sometimes!

11. Dates and deadlines
If you commit to the completion of a task by a certain date, hit the date without fail. If catastrophe strikes and you’re going to miss a deadline, communicate that clearly and as early as possible.

12. Be prepared
Show up to meetings prepared and focused. Don’t bring meals to meetings, unless food is served.

13. Consider your colleagues
Don’t talk about personal drama with your co-workers.  Don’t cook smelly foods in the microwave.

14. Process and procedures
If you learn something new or create your own process of doing things. Formalise it and write it down. Most teams wish they had more written instructions and tools than they do. Your FAQ document, teaching aid, step-by-step procedure or other explanatory content may save you time in the futures, and countless hours and brain cells for someone else in the future!


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