Jobs Created To Address UK Flood Damage – But What A Price!

The widespread flooding in the UK this year has created the best employment results within the construction sector for six years.

Over 2000 employers were surveyed by The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey about their hiring intentions for the rest of 2014; the construction sector indicated a 2% growth in their headcount for the second quarter of 2015 up from a 6% reduction in the first quarter, allowing for the first positive figure to be posted by the construction industry since 2008.

The flooding has also benefited other areas; including utilities, which is estimated to increase by 10%, agriculture, forestry and fishing (up 15%). The average figure across all sectors was 6% – an increase from the first quarter.

Larger companies are very optimistic about their future hiring plans with the average increase across large companies being 17% due to their investment in young talent. They are able to invest in initiatives such as graduate schemes and apprenticeships whereas some companies simply cannot afford to.

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