Is the Traditional CV Dead?

With the Internet and Social Media becoming an increasing part of businesses, the limiting and lifeless paper CV is being left behind. For decades the traditional CV play such a significant role in recruitment; however, less importance is being placed on them by employers and job seekers, instead, they are turning to the online world.

Why are recruiters and employers going digital?

The majority of businesses rely on the internet; therefore employees are required to be able to confidently use a computer and the internet. With digital becoming such an integral part of everyday business, out dated CVs are being pushed out in favour for online formatted CVs and social media.

The convenience of job sites and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is allowing for employers and recruiters to advertise vacancies, receive applications and filter results easily and more efficiently. It is also making it easier for job seekers as they can view different jobs within different companies with ease.

What exactly do employers and recruiters look for online?

By recruiting online, employers and recruiters are able to find better candidates as they can better gauge whether applicants are suitable and initiate conversations with talented people who they wish to recruit.

LinkedIn profiles are constantly being updated, allowing for an up to date insight into an individual’s capabilities whilst also allowing for the individual’s personality to come through.

How can candidates make a strong impression online?

There are a number of ways in which job seekers can intrigue recruiters and make them stand out from the rest:


  1. Keep it up to date and ensure to list all skills that may be searched for
  2. Show openness to opportunities in the ‘Communications’ section so  that recruiters can get in contact
  3. Make regular posts and instigate conversations and discussions


  1. Tweet and comment on relevant stories
  2. Follow professionals at businesses that could be potential employers
  3. Work hard to come across well within the 140 character count limit

Job Boards:

  1. Ensure important skills and experience are included
  2. Try to include key words where possible to increase the chance of being seen

Who will benefit from the shift away from the traditional CV?

Those who try to stick to the traditional CV will be losing out. Social Media and online communication is ever growing and the internet is being embraced and used for all it has to offer.

Being accessible on different formats will benefit both the employee and candidate – the employee has more chance of finding the perfect fit for their company, and the candidate has more chance of finding the right role.


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