Intentions to Hire Permanent Staff at a Record High

A survey has been carried out questioning 600 employers about their hiring intentions over the next quarter and the next year. The results have shown that, within the next three months, eight out of ten employers are planning to hire an increasing number of permanent staff; with just under eight out of ten (79%) planning to increase their hiring in the next 4-12 months. It was found that the proportion of employees that were looking to hire more staff, were doing so to meet the increased demand. This demand has risen from a quarter at the beginning of 2014 to over a third.

With this increase in staff, half of all employers (50%) plan to increase their use of recruitment agencies to help with the hiring which is an increase from last month. Four out of ten employers (43%) plan to increase their use of recruitment agencies in the next four to twelve months.

In contrast to the positive hiring intentions, employers have also voiced their concerns over a shortage of skills in the job market with one in five (20%) predicting a problem finding people to fill technical and engineering roles within the next three, and one in four (25%) predicting significant shortages in the next 12 months.

This could be due to the economic recovery having an impact on the job market – with these results being the best since the survey began in 2009. However, skills and talent shortages could jeopardise this recovery.

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