10 Top Tips: How to hand in your notice

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Theresa May has shown us that there really is a good way and a bad way to do this! 

Not sure how to hand in your notice? This might sound silly, but there is a good way … and a bad way.

Talking to many candidates and clients, one of the practical things that people don’t enjoy doing and occasionally need a hand with is how to resign!

Handing in your notice is something we all have to do, but some of us feel a bit anxious about how and when to do it, so here are our top 10 tips on how to hand in your notice:

  1. Do it in person – don’t do it on email or over the phone – face to face is always best
  2. Do it in private – it should remain confidential until you’ve told your manager, you don’t want rumours spreading, or your manager approaching you with questions.
  3. Do have your resignation letter written beforehand – when you tell your manager your news, you can then hand them your notice already in writing
  4. Do practice what you want to say – it’s easy to forget what you want to say at the best of times, make sure you note down what you want to get across.
  5. Do remain professional – keep your reasons for leaving professional, be honest but business like
  6. Do try to keep it to yourself – keep it private until you’ve told your manager, they might want to keep it confidential a little longer – there may be a bigger picture to consider.
  7. Do fix a date – and try to tell your manager sooner rather than later. It won’t get any easier – to bit the bullet and don’t be put off. Just think of your new company and new manager are waiting to welcome you on board.
  8. Do stick to your guns – remember the reasons that made you look for a new job and a new company. It’s quite common for companies to try and change your mind, don’t be swayed.
  9. Don’t be swayed – scary but true! 80% of candidates who accept a counteroffer still leave within 6 months – why? Because the fundamental reasons they started looking for a new role haven’t changed
  10. And the letter itself? Here’s a great example of a well-written resignation letter template.

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