Interview Basics: Being Presentable

how to be presentable

As recruiters, we meet a lot of people on a daily basis. 

It’s our job to find the best talent for our clients and we work hard to find them the perfect fit candidates. Mostly we meet great candidates who present themselves really well. But occasionally, of course we meet those that don’t quite fit the bill. 

So we thought we’d look at the basics of how to be presentable.

We like to think we’re pretty open-minded at Dovetail, but we do like the basics to be right ????
And if you get these wrong, let’s face it it’s not going to work out.

There are only two key basics that need to be right, and they’re pretty easy really, but recently we’ve seen a surge in candidates not presenting themselves so well.  And the 99.9% of candidates know this already,  and that’s how to be presentable!?

If you’re meeting a recruitment agency about potential work, or if you’re going for an interview, you really need to make sure that you’re smart and clean.

I hate to say that we’ve recently had a few instances of candidates who have forgotten that first impressions count and do stick. Ultimately, it can make or break the next step in an interview process.  We need to feel confident that not only you know your stuff, but that you’re professional in both manner and appearance and will fit into a company we’re working with – and fit well. 

I know these really are the basics but sometimes we can all overlook them and forget how we’re perceived by others.  

It just takes a bit of planning on what to wear, making sure your outfit is clean and smart looking. And of course, it’s great if you’re squeaky clean to match :0) 

So it’s just a gentle reminder to get those first impressions top notch and it’s your first step to that next job.

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