What Does Your Handshake Say About You?

Handshakes have been described as an arena for the exercise, display and resolution of rank, power and influence.

National Handshake Day is celebrated on 21st June –so to celebrate, we have selected a few handshake styles to see what your handshake says about you:

The Nonchalant Non-Shake:

A disrespectful handshake – it comes across as wanting to appear too casual. When going for an interview or within a business situation, it isn’t professional to have your hands in your pockets any way so this situation should be unlikely to occur but if you have your hands in your pocket, be aware to remove them to greet someone.

The Palm-Crusher:

This handshake comes across as being too competitive – it says “you’re dealing with someone who has a firm grip of things.” Research also shows that people, especially women, with a palm-crushing handshake tend to be more extroverted and open to experience.

The Glove Handshake:

This handshake gives off the impression of enthusiasm, but their real underlying purpose is to take control. Politicians prefer to be on the left of the photo as it allows more of their arm to exposed – making them look more powerful. 

The Limp Fish:

A CEO of a company or corporation may use this light handshake to indicate that they don’t need to impose themselves. However, it is also a culturally conditioned handshake – with West Africans using soft handshakes as they aren’t a medium for presenting oneself. 

The Stiff Arm Thrust or Pull:

This is used to keep distance between the two individuals, or pull the receiver into the other person’s personal space. This style can eventuate both accidently by an enthusiastic character and on purpose to put you off.  

Source: Director Magazine June 2015 and http://www.ignitingsparkscoaching.com

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