Non-Graduates Set to Take over the Job Market

Nearly four in five employers say non-graduates are going to outnumber graduates within the workplace over the next few years.

It has been revealed that 78% of employers believe the volume of school and college leavers they recruit will be greater than the number of graduates they recruit over the next 5 years – with 65% thinking that this would happen over the next 3 years.

However, despite this potential shift, 45% of young people still feel pressurised to go to university, while over 80% of teachers saying they wished they knew more about the alternatives to university.

One alternatively is doing an Apprenticeship; Apprenticeships contribute £34 billion to the UK economy, so the Government has stepped up and promised to add three million more schemes this year.

As fewer young people take the university route and begin to take on non university options, employers must think about balancing the size of their graduate and school leaver intakes. The supply of vacancies must match the changing demands of the market.


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