Technology – Don’t forget your manners in the workplace!

Workplace Etiquette

Sadly, career experts have reported that there is an increasing pattern of co-workers not bothering with the basics of etiquette in the workplace.

Unbelievably, many of us are forgetting to greet each other in the workplace, and aren’t bothering to say hello or Good Morning!

Is it technology we have to thank for another negative impact on society? With the increase of self-service checkouts, mobile phones, ipads, online shopping, remote working and countless others…we are forgetting the basics of talking, making eye contact, and making chit-chat in the office.

We’ve probably all been guilty of emailing a colleague sitting next to us, sometimes there is a good reason for this – but often we need to turn and talk!

Also, there’s a growing trend of colleagues sitting around a meeting table – looking at their phones, scrolling through the many emails and updates – instead of actually talking to each other! This is valuable time to be taken advantage of – and often when you find out the important stuff! When you’re talking more freely with colleagues – ‘out-of-meeting’ time.

Let’s take a breather and remember the value of face-to-face, talking and the power of communication – let’s get back to basics!

If you needed some reasons on why starting off your day with a good morning is so important – here’s 7 reasons from Jobacle:

Make sure you experience the power of ‘good morning.’

1) It maintains the standards of basic civility that we’re all entitled to at work. Like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, these two little words also go a long way towards improving communication and the overall atmosphere.

2) ’Good Morning’ humanises our co-workers.  We’re real people, not just cogs in a pointlessly spinning wheel. Show some humanity.

3) Provides for a more democratic environment, where everyone from the CEO to the mail clerk gets to share in a friendly two-second exchange.

4) It’s quick (and relatively painless). If it is painful, you should probably be looking for a new job or scheduling time for some serious self-reflection.

5) It’s free.

6) Acknowledging the mere presence of someone is interpersonal communications 101. Don’t YOU want to be noticed?  You might tell yourself otherwise, but at the end of the day, we all want to be recognised.

7) Saying ‘Good morning’ makes things less awkward when you inevitably have to address your co-worker later in the day.  Start the day off on the right foot and avoid potential stressors later in the day.


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