Four in Ten Considering Temporary Work

More than one in three people (36%) in the UK had temporary work as either a contractor, freelancer or agency worker during their career, with 41% considering to work that way in the future.

A survey of 4,234 adults was conducted and found that:

  • One in Four (24%) had been a temporary agency worker
  • One in Ten (10%) has worked as a contractor
  • One in Ten (11%) has worked as a freelancer

When addressing career and earning potential, the report showed that:

  • 40% of people who currently earn a salary of £30,000+ has, at some point in their career, worked as an agency worker, contractor or freelancer
  • 22% of those who currently earn £50,000+ have been agency workers
  • 36% who currently have hiring responsibilities at work have been an agency worker at some point

The main reason people decide to work as a contractor, freelancer or agency work is due to the flexibility they offer; flexible working especially appeals to young people, parents and people reducing the amount of work or responsibility they have as they approach retirement.

Temporary work can sometimes be looked down on as a dead end career choice; but those who chose this way of working value being able to fit work around their family, they can earn more or use these temporary assignments to pick up specific experience and skills that they wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

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