Employers Hiring Young People Say Attitude is the Key to Success

There has been an increase in the number of job prospects available for young people; with 64% of employers having hired a young person within the last year.

When weighing up whether or not to make a job offer to a young person, employers place the highest value on the attitude of the young person (47%). Another key aspect is the level of qualification a young person achieves – 20% of employers stated that this was valued highly. They are interested in the level of qualification achieved, however only 4% stated that specific exam results and grades were important.  Work experience was rated highly by only 10% of employers and understanding of business was stated by 7%.

Within the next 12 months, 79% of employers are planning to increase the number of permanent staff they have – this shows that this is an excellent time for young people to start looking for work as intentions to hire are higher and more employers are reaching capacity with their existing workforce therefore needing to take on new staff.

                                                                                        Source: REC.uk.com

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