The use of Email vs a Telephone Call

Do you choose email vs telephone call?

I have recently read an article that I could not agree with more – the piece was written by James Caan, Entrepreneur and Recruiter.

I have been working in recruitment for many years and I have seen how technology has changed the way we work. Technology has made our job a lot easier, but it has also made it more difficult.

When I first started in recruitment, we grew our client base with the use of a telephone and the yellow pages. There was no access to email or the internet, CV’s were hand delivered to clients and we had an instant yes or no for our candidate. I built client and candidate relationships by making telephone calls and scheduling meetings.

Email is a fantastic advantage and has helped keep the recruitment sector growing. It is fast and effective. It does cut out on some unnecessary telephone calls, but here are some of the benefits and reasons as to why I prefer telephone calls to email, as eloquently written by Mr. Caan.

A real conversation humanises you, and makes you more trustworthy

A real conversation allows you to gauge opinions and understand your objectives without cutting corners

A real conversation builds rapport, and people prefer working with people they like!

A real conversation means you can explain complex ideas far easier and more efficiently

A real conversation means you can illustrate your passion and excitement – something that’s difficult to portray via email

A real conversation demonstrates urgency, and means you’re more likely to get a final decision, far quicker

“ James Caan, STOP: Don’t send that email… “


The Dovetail Team pride themselves on building loyal and long term relationships, we agree with Mr James Caan, and choose the telephone for that more personal approach!

Reference:  STOP: Don’t send that email…

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