Dovetail sourcing senior talent across the country

Dovetail Recruitment has been in business for over 4 years now and Managing Director, Liz Davies has been increasingly charged with sourcing ever more senior staff with specific skills and experience for their clients.  This is possibly indicative of how businesses in the area have grown and developed and absorbed the pool of local talent.

In order to meet this demand, Dovetail Recruitment has forged links with like-minded independent agencies across the country where they regularly meet up to keep a abreast of recruitment and to share vacancies.  These are agencies that have the same values as Dovetail Recruitment but who specialise in particular fields of recruitment such as Finance, Procurement, Scientific, Engineering and Senior Sales.  In practical terms this allows Dovetail Recruitment to maintain their core values of having an understanding of their client’s business, where the candidate is to fit and what type of person is required to add value – whilst tapping in to a bigger pool of specialist talent from further afield.

Dovetail Recruitment takes great pride in sourcing high-calibre staff for their clients and they look forward to offering this specialist country wide service to local businesses so that they can maintain their competiveness.

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