Dovetail Diary: Favourite Books as a Child

Dovetail world book day

It’s world book day on Thursday 5th March!

For world book day this year, we thought we’d do something a little different and relive some childhood memories. So, I asked the team what their favourite books were when they were a child and we all have a good think, a quick google and a trip down memory lane. We thought we’d share them with you so you too could reminisce.

Samantha – As a young child I loved fairytales. I had a book of all different fairytales and would get a different one read to me each night before I went to sleep. As I got older, I also loved Jacqueline Wilson. Mainly Tracy Beaker, but I read pretty much everything she wrote.

Amy – There are two for me that I can remember. One was Burglar Bill which was about a family of burglars and the other is the Jolly Postman. The Jolly Postman was great as a child because you could pull out all the letters. It was quite fun!

Laura – I think to state the complete obvious, I loved (and still love!) Harry Potter. But as a very young child I remember having a Bambi book with buttons down the side that you could press that would make noises. The one with the fire really used to scare me for some reason…

Suzi – I loved Roald Dahl. I still read his books to my 3 year old twin girls. I also really loved The Borrowers.

Liz – Enid Blyton was a definite favourite of mine. I read Little Bear’s trousers to my twins and 5 Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy – a book I can think every parent can relate to!

Francesca – When I was a child, I loved anything James Herriot! It was actually the reason I went on to become a Veterinary Nurse. My favourite was probably The Christmas Kitten.

It just goes to show, the smallest things can influence our career! :0)

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