Job Offer vs Going for Another Interview

Tips on accepting job offers

A job search can be time-consuming and go on for longer than expected; however sometimes it is all worth it when you finally get offered a new job. However, what do you do when you receive a job offer, but suddenly are invited to another interview elsewhere?

This can be a tricky situation as it is imperative not to put your existing offer in jeopardy until you have decided. There is no perfect way to deal with it and no advice can address all possible situations and circumstances that may arise – therefore it is always best to consider your options carefully.

Consider the following in making the right choices for you:

Your Options:

Assuming the contract hasn’t been signed, you have no legal obligation to a company – therefore nothing stops you going for another interview or considering another option even if you have already accepted an offer.

Inform the Second Company:

You may wish to inform the second company that you have already been offered a role and are considering it and ask about the timing of their hiring process. If you feel that it would be worth attending an interview at a second company, you can attempt to request that the company who offered you first gives you more time to consider the offer – however, do not leave this too long as the offer could be withdrawn.

Beware of Repercussions:

Companies can withdraw offers at any time – so if you try and stretch things out too much with the first company before knowing if your second chance is likely, the first company may feel you aren’t passionate enough and remove their offer.

Assess your standing:

Do you feel that the second company is a better fit for you? Are they specifically searching for someone with your skills and experience?

If you must make a decision, and decide to go for an interview at the second company, decide how much you are putting at risk and how much you really want the job at the first company. If you think it is worth the risk, you could inform the first company of the other interview you are going for. In some cases, it could inspire them to be more competitive with their offer.

If a better offer is made to try and secure you at the company, consider what you would be losing if you missed out on the first opportunity.

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