Coping With Change

coping with change

What a few months it has been! I’m sure like us, for you a lot has changed, whether it be switching to remote working, part time hours, or unfortunately losing your job. Not to mention the personal – lack of ‘normal routine’, not seeing friends and family, working from home WITH the kids, the new norms of social distancing now you can meet people… the list goes on. Life as we knew it in February/March has changed and is still constantly evolving with new regulations and advice and coping with change for some is going to be harder than others.

Everyone copes with change in different ways, some take it in their stride, others struggle to get a handle on their emotions. So we have put together a few top tips on coping with change, whether it be in the workplace or in your personal life. This is not by any means an extensive list but these are a few tactics we have picked up ourselves over the years to h.

1. Acknowledge things are changing

First step on the way to a better mindset is acknowledging there is a problem. In this case, acknowledging things are changing. Sometimes you just need a good cry, get out the emotions and let yourself realise things are changing. Remind yourself that change isn’t always bad. In fact, a lot of things in your life will have had to go through change in order for you to get to where you are. You may not believe in the good old cliché of ‘everything happens for a reason’, but nothing stays the same forever and great positives have also have come out of things changing in the past.

2. Stick to your previous schedule, alter it, or develop a new one completely

Doing this can really help with feeling a bit more in control and gives you an anchor. Keep your morning routine, get up at the same time, shower, breakfast, maybe some exercise. If your whole routine needs to change, look at scheduling a regular evening walk, a set bedtime and wake up time. The smallest things can make the biggest difference.

3. Exercise – get some endorphins! 

As we all know, it’s proven that exercise boosts the feel good chemicals in the brain. I don’t know about you, but I feel much better after some form of exercise as opposed to being sat at a desk or lying on the sofa all day. If you’re not a fan of running or you can’t get down to your local leisure centre, even a brisk walk will refresh you. There’s also ample of workouts on YouTube, and this includes the more fun ones like dance workouts or Yoga.

4. Communication, communication, communication

Communicating properly is important in every aspect of life, but especially when it comes to our mental health. There’s a reason why the saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ exists. It’s easy to keep things to yourself, to bottle them up. It could be because you don’t want anyone to worry about you, or simply that you’re trying to ignore your feelings. But often, we just need a cathartic conversation, to get someone else’s perspective and brainstorm ideas to get through things. You might even be doing the other person a favour – if you open up to them, they’ll feel more comfortable to do the same to you when they need it.

5. Write a list

If you write a list, it’s one less thing for your brain to hold. Write down what you’re sad about, scared about or anxious about. If you can, next to it, write down what you can do to overcome these feelings. Turn the negative feelings into positives.

6. Think positive

On the note about turning negative feelings into positives – think positive! What good can come from this? How does this change make your life better? Give yourself a new outlook, set some new goals and targets – even if they’re small and personal.

7. Cut yourself some slack! 

It’s okay to effectively ‘grieve’ for your old routine, life or job. Eat some comfort food and practice some self care. Take time for yourself to heal and get used to the new order of things. It’s a process and some people get there quicker than others. You will get there and then this change will become the new normal.

More tips & further reading

If you’d like to read more on coping with change, there are lots of fantastic articles online – have a quick google!

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