Are You in Line For a Salary Increase This Year?

Over a quarter of all employers (28%) are intending to increase the salary they pay their employees in 2014, with an additional 40% still considering increasing their employee’s wages; according to the latest JobsOutlook survey.

When asked whether they planned to give workers a pay rise this year;

  • 11% said all staff were expected to get a pay rise
  • 17% said some staff will receive an increase in pay
  • 14% said they don’t play to increase anyone’s salary
  • 40% hadn’t decided yet
  • 6% didn’t know
  • 11% refused to say

It has been said that this could be due to employers being more able to find funds in order to reward their staff as the economy is picking up and their confidence grows. It has also been seen that salaries for new joiners and hourly pay rates for temporary staff has sharply increased since the start of 2014. Also, due to the increasing shortage of skilled candidates, those who have these desired skills will be paid more in order to try and secure them within the company. This has become more apparent within a range of sectors from white collar IT and management roles, to drivers and caterers; employers are doing whatever they can in order to retain their staff.

The JobsOutlook survey also found that employers are planning to increase their workforces over the next quarter and the next 12 months;

  • 76% of employers said they will make more offers of permanent work within the next 3 months
  • 81% said they will directly employ more staff within the next 4-12 months

This news is also good for recruiters as when employers asked about planning future use of agency workers to recruit their new employees, the response showed a good increase from last month.

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