92% of Employees willing to relocate if offered Relocation Packages

New research has revealed that companies who are looking to recruit candidates of the highest calibre need to offer competitive relocation packages in order to attract the best candidates.

The survey revealed that 92% of employees would happily relocate from their hometown if they were offered a relocation package. However, only 17% have ever actually been offered one.

These findings come after research showed that the number of digital roles in the UK has increased rapidly which means that talent is not always available in the close proximity to job vacancies therefore by offering a relocation package, suitable candidates are more likely to be attracted.

The survey also showed that the maximum time employees were happy to commute to work was 60 minutes, with 49% confirming that this was the tipping point. Only 9% of employees said they would happily travel half an hour or more to their place of work.

However, 91% of people would not be afraid of moving to a new area for a job – so it would be an ideal time to begin finding ways to attract the best talent from other parts of the country if necessary.

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