90% of Candidates Don’t Read the Job Description

The ease of applying for jobs nowadays has made it harder for recruiters and hiring managers to handle the volume of candidates and to spot the right talent.

On average, there are 225 applications per role, 90% of those candidates don’t actually read the job description and 85% don’t have the core skills to do the job. This is due to being able to apply for jobs easier than before, by only clicking ‘apply’ and not having to complete a form or read the job description first.

By clicking ‘apply’ without reading any of the information first, it can make you appear lazy and possibly arrogant; reducing your chances of getting a job – or even an interview. Therefore, the best ways to apply for a job is to:

  • Read the Instructions

If you do not follow the instructions during the application process, then why would an employer hire you and assume that you would follow instructions when hired?

If in the job description you are asked to email a certain address, including certain things such as a cover letter, salary requirements, etc and to review the website and job description before applying – then do it! Make a note of what the candidate is requiring you to do. You’re more likely to be looked at and possible considered if you do.

  • Be Creative

Use the job description to help write your cover letter. Pick out skills and experience you have and put that in your cover letter to show how much of a good fit you would be for that role and that Company.

  • Explain Yourself

If you’re planning to relocate and get a new job elsewhere, make sure to explain this. Otherwise a CV from someone in Scotland applying to a role in Bournemouth is likely to be dismissed due to distance. But with this extra bit of information your CV is more likely to be considered. Alternatively, if you aren’t planning to relocate, make sure to check where the job is located to save the phone call where it becomes obvious that you didn’t read the job description.

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