5 Questions You SHOULD Ask at an Interview  

Great interview questions

So you’ve done all the right things to secure an interview; from putting your CV together to sending it to the appropriate person, so now it’s time to tackle the interview and do your best to secure the job.

Although interviews are a way for potential employers to ask about you and your experience, etc.; it’s also a good way for you to present yourself in the best light by showing you have an interest in the company and have researched them.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but when done right they are worth it! The following 5 questions are great to ask at an interview to show your interest:

  1. What Will My Exact Responsibilities Be In The Role?

Job ads are usually quite general, so before accepting a role, it’s always good to make sure you fully understand the responsibilities you will have and what will be expected of you.

Interviews are not only there for the company to decide whether they wish to hire you or not, it’s also for you to decide if the company is right for you and offers what you are looking for.

Ask what your usual day-to-day duties will involve and who you will be working with – this doesn’t only show you’re interested, but it also allows you to better understand the role.

  1. Will You Be Able to Provide Training?

The answer to this question will enable you to gauge the chances of career progression – it also demonstrates that you are keen to do well and have ambition.

  1. Who Will I Be Working With?

Being aware of the team you will be working with and who will be supervising you will give you a better idea of what working for the company will be like. It also allows you to find out how big your new potential team will be and explore their skills, experience and backgrounds. This can be a good way to establish whether or not you will fit into the team.

  1. What Have You Enjoyed Most About Working Here?

By asking the interviewer about his or her own experiences in the company, you can get a good feel of what the working environment might be like – they may mention a benefit you hadn’t considered which may ultimately help your decision.

  1. How Long does the Hiring Process Usually Last?

After your interview, it’s not nice spending days or even weeks wondering what’s happening and when you will hear back; so simply bring up the subject and ask them.

Instead of demanding a deadline dine, inquire what time frame they usually make decisions in and make sure to get their contact details in case you need to follow it up with a call.

The best thing to do is to be curious, diplomatic and confident during your interview. Don’t bring up money and benefits straight away; show an interest in the role and company first.

Simple, sensible questions are perfect for showing you’re interested in the role.

It may also be good to prepare for questions the interviewer may ask you and looking at relevant questions you can use as part of your answers and conversations.

When you walk out of the interview room, you need to have convinced the interviewer that you are the right person for them to hire – but you should also have decided whether or not the company is right for you and that what they’re offering is what you’re looking for in a job.

Source: onrec.com

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