what makes a great boss

The ‘Google’ Boss

The importance of a good boss We all know how much time we spend at work and we all want to be happy.  We all have a boss. Some of us are lucky to have a good boss, some a great boss – the less fortunate have an ok, or if we’re honest a pretty

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management skills

Top Tips: How to be a better manager

We all want to be the best we can in and out of work! To be a good manager you need to get some of the basics right, and getting the balance right can be tricky! The need to be authoritative and gain respect; but also be easy to approach and human! Top Tips: Improve

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Managing Stress

Top Tips: Managing stress in the Workplace

“Recent research has found that in many organisations a manager’s mood dictates the workplace climate – with favouritism and trust issues also blighting UK offices. The study, by the Institute of Leadership & Management, found that 50% of leaders allow their mood to impact employees’ work. 40% regularly showed favouritism in the workplace, whilst a fifth of

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