8 Reasons to Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now!

8 Reasons to Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now!

With the New Year fast approaching is your new year resolution to get healthy strong for 2023? If the answer is yes, why not start the journey now?

Why Start Now?

There are so many benefits to starting your journey now, such as improving your brain health, fat loss and reducing the risk of disease.

Did you know a third of Brits will do absolutely no exercise throughout the whole of December, while a further third will do less than an hour a week?

We have put together 8 tips and techniques to help you stay active and healthy this Christmas, whilst still enjoying yourself!

  1. Workout in the Morning

Very much like Santa, the time we have the most energy is in the morning after a good night’s sleep, we have fewer distractions as we haven’t started on the daily to do list, and a morning workout sets the day up for healthier food choices.


  1. Steer Clear of Skipping Meals

It is super important to eat consistently, although it may seem tempting to skip breakfast after indulging on the yearly chocolate orange and Christmas dinner the night before. Skipping meals can slow your metabolism down and shock your body into starvation mode, meaning that your next meal may be stored as fat.


  1. Build Muscle

An excellent way to make use of the extra mince pies and celebrations is to turn the calories into muscle rather than body fat, this can be done through progressive overload, bodyweight exercises and low weight but high repetition movements.


  1. Fun Exercise8 Reasons to Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now!

Christmas is the perfect time to get active and do some fun winter sports, go to the ice rink, indoor ski slope or sledging and spend time with your family and friends, or why not take a walk around the Christmas market and sip on some mulled wine 🍷? Exercise is exercise, right?


  1. Routine

If you already have a regular workout and meal plan, try to stick to it if you usually half-hour hour workout 5 times a week try to keep this consistent, but don’t forget to enjoy family meals out and drinks with friends over the festive period, regardless of whether you have worked out that day or not!


  1. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

If you know you aren’t going to be able to keep a consistent routine, don’t be hard on yourself, less exercise and enjoying Christmas food isn’t going to have a huge effect. Set yourself realistic goals rather than an hour in the gym, why not just do a 30-minute walk outdoors to keep your endorphins flowing?

  1. Drink Drink Drink8 Reasons to Start Your New Year’s Resolution Now!

No, not that kind of drink, water of course! keeping hydrated is so important for the body to be able to regulate temperature and prevent infection.

  1. Rest and recovery

Use this time to rest and recover and to take a break from work, life is for living. Christmas is a time to enjoy, celebrate and rest. Take them extra naps whilst watching the newest cheesy Christmas Netflix film, aim to feel refreshed and ready to hit all of your goals in 2023!






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