5 Hilarious Games To Keep Everyone Entertained This Christmas

Need some new inspiration for games to play this Christmas? Check out our favourite 5 hilarious games to keep everyone entertained!


This is a game bound to create some hilarious memories that’ll be brought up every Christmas – whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is up for you to decide! For this one you have to purchase an app called ‘Quiplash’, it’s typically £5 on any given website. The way it works is, using a laptop, everyone joins the game on their phone, ‘Quiplash’ will then ask you a few rounds of questions that everyone must come up with a funny answer for, and you all then vote on your favourite.

As described by the creators ‘There are no rules or correct answers. You just say whatever you want! Your answer will be pitted against another player’s answer in a head-to-head battle.’ So, depending on how comfortable you are with your family members, the answers can get rather atrocious (in the best way possible!).

Present Your Pitch

Depending on how computer literate your family and friends are, this could be a great free option for some guaranteed laughs. Assign everyone a topic or get them to come up with their own based on a joint theme, everyone then has 30 minutes to create a presentation. Here’s some inspiration:

  • Alternative items father Christmas would wear for underwear
  • New names for all the reindeer
  • Your own Father Christmas origin story
  • A new ending to the movie ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas’
  • An investors pitch for a new Christmas film

Everyone must include justifications for their choices. Even if you can’t create a visual presentation a verbal pitch would work just fine and may even provide cause for hilarious descriptions and expressive hand actions. You could also all then choose to vote on the best one and the winner receives a lovely bottle of baileys!


A great game to get the whole family involved and fuel some healthy competition if you choose to divide into teams! This game involves a small about of preparation, a few sheets of paper, a handful of pens and any kind of spare container – we have no preference on what kind! Everyone now must write several names on individual slips of paper, you can get creative with this, you could choose actors, historical figures, or even each other! Fold these slips up so no one can sneak a peak and mix them up in your chosen container.


Each person takes a turn choosing a slip and acting out the name! you can choose your own scoring system, but we typically award a point to the actor if the name is guessed and a point for the person who guesses it right! Although you may have to adjust these rules if you choose to team up.

Poetry for Neandertals

Poetry for Neandertals is a family card game where, in teams, you take turns in trying to guess the word or phrase on the card. But it is of course not that simple! In this game you can only use single syllable words in your attempt to reveal your card’s chosen word. Someone is also nominated on the other team to enforce this rule, and if anyone breaks it…fortunately, the game comes with an inflatable club to deter it from happening again!


You can purchase this game for £19.99 and for ease, we’ve included the link so you can buy it in time for Christmas!

Family Christmas Quiz

Using your inside family jokes that you’ve collected over the years, create a quiz of memories, phrases, and jokes. Everyone then must guess details about these moments and phrases! For example, who said X or what did Auntie Barbra do on her birthday after a few too many drinks? Potentially, include a Christmas Music round with all the family favourite Christmas songs.

You could either get one person to create and host the quiz, or alternatively, everyone contributes several questions for a more varied mix.


Let us know which of our 5 Hilarious Game recommendations you try this Christmas! Tag us in all your pictures:

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