Working in the FMCG Sector
What’s so great about working in the FMCG sector &
what job opportunities does it offer?

What are FMCGs?

FMCGs are products that sell fast, in large volumes and are often cheap for consumers to buy. Often everyday house-hold necessities including pharmaceuticals, beauty products, groceries, food, drinks, medicines – even loo roll!

The FMCG sector is very attractive to work in for many reasons:

  1. It offers the opportunity to work with big brand names that we use in our everyday lives
  2. Generally there are bigger marketing budgets and channels to manage
  3. It’s a very competitive market – you need to be innovative to stay ahead of your competitors
  4. Dynamic and diverse – the industry offers something for everyone

Key FMCG jobs in Bournemouth & the UK include:

National Account Manager, Account Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Assistant Manager, Account Executive, Global Account Manager, Customer Service Executive, Sales Manager, HR Manager and many more!

What do you need to get into the FMCG industry?

Common skills that are often desirable to get into this sector include:

  • Creative flair – coming up with new ideas for a marketing project or ways to approach a project
  • Commercial acumen
  • Personality – Being able to engage with customers and colleagues
  • Open mindedness -being able to approach tasks with a fresh eye
  • Innovative – coming up with new solutions and ideas
  • Cross functional knowledge of category, trade marketing, brand, shopper & MS&P would all be beneficial.


In terms of qualifications – this of course depends on the nature of the role you wish to pursue within the FMCG sector, whether it’s Marketing, Sales, HR, Accounting, IT, Product Development. Research your specific job area for the relevant qualifications, check out our current FMCG sales jobs in Bournemouth for more details.

FMCG main product categories:
-Household products such as those used in cleaning and laundry
-Over the counter medicines, food items and personal care goods make up the majority of the FMCG industry.
-Plastic goods, stationery, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics also fall into the fast moving consumer goods category.


If you’re already looking for a job in the FMCG sector, or have an interview coming up here’s Dovetail’s quick fix to what’s going on in the sector.