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salaries in dorset and hampshire are on the up personal resolutions vs emerging hr trends local business news in Dorset & Hampshire
Salaries in Dorset & Hampshire are on the up!
Find out what the salary levels look like in Dorset & Hampshire. Is your company on track?

Personal Resolutions vs Emerging HR Trends
The Sunday Times recently published 4 surveys on the best companies to work for in the UK. Proud local moment: 6 Dorset companies were listed!

Local News Round-Up: March 17

Dovetail’s snapshot of all the local business and company news you might have missed…..!

Brexit business checklist Marketing salary surveys Tech Nation 2017 Bournemouth and poole
Have you drawn up your Brexit business checklist?
Its certainly not going to be a quickie divorce – will you be ready?
Marketing Salary Surveys – Are yours at the right level?
See the latest figures by job title and sector.
Tech Nation Report 2017 – Bournemouth & Poole
The latest Tech Nation report – It’s good news for Bournemouth & Poole!
Best employer perks and benefits Redundancy: a window of opportunity Fashion in the workplace
Employer Perks & benefits 
6 Dorset companies listed in the Sunday Times surveys on best UK companies to work for.
Redundancy – a window of opportunity
We look at how employees and employers have to deal with this whirlwind…

Fashion in the workplace 

Are we really ditching the suit?

 romance in the workplace
 Marketing challenges facing your business Benefit Your Business
Romance in the Workplace – dead or alive?
Many companies have policies on workplace romance – what’s allowed and what isn’t. What’s your policy?
The top 5 marketing challenges facing your business
I thought we should remind ourselves of the key marketing challenges we need to keep on top of to stay ahead of the competition in the year ahead.
How Creative Candidates can Benefit Business
In many workplaces, a lot of focus is put on good grades and academic subjects/ thinking. We look at the benefits of employing the more creatively minded…