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The Account Manager Job – what’s involved?

Just starting out on your career path and wondering what to do? We look at the key traits you need to be successful in Account Manager jobs.

If you’re looking to get into Account Management, we’ve got a quick overview of what’s involved in the day to day role and the skills you need to make it into a successful career.

If you’re at the beginning of your Account Management career, then most likely your first role will be an Account Administrator or Sales Coordinator. Once you’ve learnt the ropes, you’d move up to Account Executive level, before becoming an Account Manager.

What is the usual career path?
Your job progression will usually follow something similar to the below – depending on the company and industry you’re in.

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  1. Account Director
  2. Account Manager
  3. Senior Account Executive
  4. Account Executive
  5. Sales Coordinator / Account Administrator

What’s involved?

The main focus of any Account Manager job is to look after clients, whether they’re existing or prospect.

Account Managers can work in many different industries – usually looking after clients or suppliers with the main objective of building solid relationships with each of them and ultimately bringing in revenue.

The industry could be anything, B2B or B2C, from advertising accounts to electrical components or drinks company, for any product or service, on a national or international level.

To be successful you need to have great Customer Service Skills, being able to keep your customers/clients’ happy – ensuring they don’t go elsewhere.
You also need to be able to work to targets.

The number of accounts you work on can range from a handful to hundreds, really depending on the product or service your company provides.

Ultimately you need to be a good sales person, being able to up-sell and cross-sell and spot an opportunity.

You need to work hard and be able to be at the beck and call of your client/suppliers.

Overall, you need to carefully balance the needs of your clients with the expectations of your manager. Effectively you’re a ‘middle-man’ that needs to keep everyone happy and optimise your relationships to bring in business.

To be a good Account Manager, you need:

  • Solid Communication Skills to build good relationships
  • Good Problem-Solving skills
  • Good Negotiation skills
  • Motivated, driven and proactive
  • Work well under pressure
  • Ability to spot opportunities
  • An effective ‘juggler’

Average Salary Expectations:  
Dorset: £26k + bonus

Of course, salaries are often dependent on experience and location,
Payscale have a handy Salary estimator tool!

Related job titles: Account Executive – £21,889 National Average

Some companies require their Account Manager’s to travel and will provide a company car; and of course, you’re likely to work on commission.

See our current Account Manager jobs in Dorset.

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